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Happy JezzTech Anniversary - Thanks to all

Posted by Jeremy on March 17, 2012 at 6:25 AM


Hey it's Jeremy again,

I would like to thank gg123, although she is no longer in charge, it was her that gave me the insparation and the name 'Jezz' for my website, thanks to her I can now say that she has fixed the first few steps to an AWSOME website so I will tell you a bit about how it all started and I will post a couple links to some blog posts in the early days.

It was in the evening and I was on skype with gg123, I wanted to start a website about technolagy as that is my passion, to thought of my nick name, 'Jezz' so I was to call this site JezzTech, on the first blog post it said that it was 'Jeremy's Tech Site' and named 'Jezz Tech' soon, I removed the space to make 'JezzTech' and that was this sites name from now on. gg123 helped me with the logo and some of the pages so that's really the story of how she came to start and left in the end.

Now I would like to thank all members and I would like to ask for more members, just if you don't know;


  • Post to the blog
  • Post videos and tutorials
  • help in every way
  • it's free
  • post to the forum
  • acsess members only pages
Those are only a few to don't miss out and you can also add friends and message friends!

Now I wan't to say, thanks for watching my tutorials and I hoped they helped,
at the present I have 21,111 video views, so I just want to thank you for watching!

Today, I want to also say that this site is perfect to my eyes but there's always room for improvement!

The time is 10:50 now so it took me 20 mins to write all this but I don't care, I'm just soo happy that I managed to keep JezzTech running for 1 whole year!!!


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